‘Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?’ Mexican-American U.S. supporters wrestle with fandom in the Trump era

“It’s something I’ve struggled with and wanted to understand,” says Gilbert Aguilar of something many sports fans might never give a second thought: why they follow their team. However, for Aguilar, 59, his decision to cheer for one of his favorite teams comes with an inherent sense of conflict. As a Mexican-American, Aguilar not only cheers passionately for the United States but is also a member of the Dallas chapter of the American Outlaws (AO) fan group.

Aguilar ponders this while sitting next to a poster of Selena in a Mexican restaurant in a predominantly Latino part of Dallas. The iconic pop star’s music plays in the background.

“Part of it goes back to where my parents came from, where I came from, and the opportunities that were here, my patriotism to this country, the melting pot, all those things contribute to the fact I love the AO,” he says.

Published on The Athletic.

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